As I was saying in 1807… (with apologies to Harpo Marx)

by Robert A. Ripps on November 21, 2014

ripps_112-576.dngAfter much waiting, finally got the blog transferred to a new host after…ages. Hope you didn’t think I forgot about you.


A look back in the Tribeca Citizen at some changes in my neighborhood over the last 12 years, via some personal snapshots of mine. All the locations now have contemporary buildings on them, but pictures show the sites either pre, post or during demolition, or just plain empty for years.


And check out the classic Danny Lyon book on the subject, either the original 1969 version or the 2005 reprint, both out of print unfortunately. Nothing is constant except change.


Food that tasted better than it looked

September 29, 2014

Smoked pulled pork with BBQ sauce.

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Time flies…coach?

September 18, 2014

I was back in San Francisco last week, and as I like to do whenever I can (besides eat at Henry’s Hunan) is photograph “my street,” as I call it. Last time had been just shy of four years ago, so I was prepared for some possible changes, especially since last I saw, the Grasslands cocktail […]

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A tree grows in the Bay area

September 12, 2014

Some recent images from my ongoing Urban Trees series…soon to be a major motion picture…or actually, a book…

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Chapter 7, in which I enter a giant camera obscura on Chambers Street…

September 5, 2014

Yesterday I met Troels Heiredal, who invited me to hang out inside his storefront camera obscura. But not just any storefront camera obscura- no, this one has multiple lenses, so he can do live multiple exposures. If you are downtown in lower Manhattan before September 12, stop by 118 Chambers Street. You’ll know the camera is open […]

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Mirrors and Windows (with apologies to John Szarkowski)

September 3, 2014

Some images from the summer…

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So mama don’t take my Kodacolor away

August 14, 2014

Some 1930 color movies, shot on Kodacolor- a pre Kodachrome “color” film. Although Kodachrome was the first true color film, Kodacolor movie film looked black & white, until it was projected through a special color filter that allowed the lenticular color information to be displayed. Here’s another Kodacolor movie I found- you can see by the color glitches why the […]

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