To preserve & protect VII

by Robert A. Ripps on October 5, 2015

ripps_0102-2280.NEFripps_0102-2301.NEFCricketeers Arms chef and co-owner Paul Loftus works in the kitchen prepping lunch and taking stock of supplies to order.


Eclectic details and furnishings make you feel like you are inside a cross between 12 year old English prep school boys bedroom, and his mums kitchen.



To preserve & protect VI

by Robert A. Ripps on October 1, 2015



On the corner of West Broadway and Murray is Palermo Pizza, a warm and popular neighborhood lunch spot that stays open late into the evening as well.



It also doubles a shrine to Italian soccer, with numerous trophies and memorabilia proudly displayed on the walls.


To preserve & protect V

September 30, 2015

Around the corner from West Broadway on Warren Street is the famous, or maybe infamous, Raccoon Lodge, a classic dive bar for a third of a century. Although the collection of hard hats proudly proclaims its blue collar roots, it likely has the most diverse crowd in all of the neighborhood, ranging from people in […]

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To preserve & protect IV

September 29, 2015

Although this block is now part of southern Tribeca, for 150 years it was part of the Washington Market, an area where roughly a full eighth of our country’s food was distributed at the market’s peak. The main market building stood on what is now literally the site of One World Trade Center, but there […]

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To preserve & protect III

September 24, 2015

Next door is Marchi’s, another family owned restaurant, with a colorful and creative atmosphere.

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To preserve & protect II

September 22, 2015

Here is the first batch of images from my project about several local small business on and next to West Broadway on the southern edge of Tribeca, which are being forced out by the impending destruction and development of the simple 19th century buildings they are now in. Mangez Avec Moi, owned and run by […]

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With everything

August 17, 2015

From the “Damn, I wish I had thought of that” file, a great photo essay/book about NYC pizzerias, called, appropriately enough, The New York Pizza Project.   And no, I don’t get a slice of the profits…

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To preserve & protect

July 23, 2015

Recently, I started working on a new pro bono project, in support of neighborhood preservation. A whole block of low rise buildings has been amassed by a developer, and the plan is to shortly force out all the residents and businesses, so the whole block width can be torn down, to be replaced with taller, modern […]

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Food that tasted better than it looked

June 8, 2015

Smoked ham (with bamboo shoots, peppers and carrots) on brown rice.

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You can go back…way back

May 27, 2015

A fascinating piece about the author’s childhood home, recently demolished, tracing the history of the building, the neighborhood, and New York City, as part of his quest to honor the memory of where he grew up.

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